The obstacle between you and your dreams is your own mind. Tame that and you have endless possibilities.

We help you master your mind and embrace your full potential. Become the best version of yourself!

Fluff-free - Esoteric-free - Bullshit-free

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Calm Mind

Meditation is one of the best scientifically proven methods to reduce stress, anxiety, and calm your mind in general.

We teach you to get started and how to silence that BS.


Live Now

Mindfulness helps to stay in the present moment, enjoying inner peace and what is happening around you. And it keeps the bullshit away.

Our guides get you started and more importantly, keep you going. It's a lifetime thing.

Inner Peace


Mindfulness brings inner peace. Inner peace brings happiness. Happiness makes your life great.

Together we will make happiness stay at your place.


Your Full Potential

When you become calm and the bullshit goes, your full potential can come to life and shine so bright that even sunglasses don't help.

Support for personal growth, motivation, and more to create and keep your dream life. Become the best you, you can be.


Mindful Body

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Your mind and body are connected. One part goes downwards, the other will follow. One part goes upwards and the other will follow too.

We help you to bring mind and body into top condition without the pain of regular diets and fitness routines.

Let's build a healthy you.

INNER PEACE Membership is Your Guide To a Fulfilling Life


All Guides

Get access to all ebooks published by the MindfulDevMag and How To Relax to get started with mindfulness, meditation, and everything that helps you to grow.

BS-Free, Fluff-Free, Esoteric-Free

  • Minimalism Sucks
  • Find Your WHY
  • How to Relax
  • Becoming Mindful
  • Meditation for Beginners
  • Mindful Living
  • Simplify Your Life with Mindfulness
  • 52 Questions for Growth

Online Courses

All Courses

Get access to all current and future courses.

  • The Joy Of Living Your Authentic Life - Get the authentic self you ever dreamed of.
  • Regain Focus - Get your focus back so you can be productive

Power of Technology


Get access to many of our applications, be it online, on Mac, or mobile.

  • Ambient Sounds (Premium plan) for productivity and meditations
  • Slumber Kittens Meditation app with Deep Sleep and Relaxation Meditations
  • Mindful Moments Reminder reminds you to take breaks during work
  • Motivate - Reach Your Goal helps you to stay on track with your goals
  • Inner Peace browser add-on to take relaxing breaks during work
  • Llamacation - a llama fun browser add-on for making you smile
  • Mobile apps coming soon

And More

And More Help

Get access to all current and future tools like:

  • Habit Tracker Printable - The best tracker to make your new habits stick.
  • Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep and Relaxation
  • Private Group - find and give help with like-minded folks. Telegram - No Facebook
  • Private 1-on-1 Accountability and Support by our founder Jens

The INNER PEACE vault is updated every month and you get full access to anything (old & new) during your membership.

Be brave.

Believe in yourself. 

You can do it!

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